Floating markets are a feast for the senses. There is no place as colorful, aromatic and filled with delicious food as these markets. As most of the food is sold from and eaten on boats or rafts and is an experience to remember.

Come and learn about the local farms and see how farmers live and work in Thailand. The tour introduces you to local working farms by visiting an orchid farm, a fruit orchard, a lotus farm, a rice field and a local snack manufacturer. All farms are located along canals and are visited by longtail boat.

Wat Bang Pra is the most famous temple for obtaining Yant tattoos in Thailand due to the late abbot Luang Po Pern. Everyday hundreds of followers come here to obtain a tattoo or to "recharge" an existig one. It is believed that the Yant tattoos obtained at Bang Phra temple are magical and can protect you from harm as well as bringing you luck in your career, health etc.

Srisathong temple is devoted to the ancient Hindu god Phra Rahu – the god of darkness, who causes eclipses of the the moon and the sun by eating them. It is a great place to observe Thai traditional dance and music which are put on for the god on Wednesdays and Sundays. People pray to the god of darkness with big tras containing 8 types of black food. Most Thais consider themselves Buddhist although their belief is a mixture of Buddhism, Hinduism and Animism. Srisathong temple along with Bang Phra temple showcase this mixture of Thai beliefs.

Woodland Museum contains an amazing number of wood sculptures and carvings collected from around the world. It has several themed rooms such as Khmer empire, underwater world, Buddhist rooms, Christian room etc.

Private collection of antique technology. Currently there are approximately 500 collection pieces including airplane, helicopter, tank, bus, sedan, bubble car, motorcycle, tricycle and bicycle from around the world.

The wax museum houses life-like sculptures created by a group of Thai artists. These breathtakingly real looking human figures are displayed in several sections such as the Great Buddhist Monks, Former Kings of the Chakri Dynasty, Thai Lifestyle, Thai Children Games etc.

A religious park built to commemorate the 2500 years of Buddhism. It is beautifully landscaped area which contains many interesting structures. A huge standing Buddha image cast in bronze gold measuring 15.8 metres marks the centre of the park.

Sanam Chandra Royal Palace, located in Nakhon Pathom city, was bult in 1907. It is surrounded by perfectly manicured lawns and lakes perfect for nice walks. Several of the buildings incorporate architecture from the French Renaissance period.

Phra Pathom Chedi at 120m in height, is the tallest pagoda in Thailand and is the official provincial symbol of Nakhon Pathom. The original Chedi is believed to date back to 193 BCE during the reign of king Ashoka on the Indian subcontinent and is believed to enshrine the tooth of Lord Buddha.

Samphran Elephant Ground & Zoo occupies an area of 62 Rais (about 24.8 acres). There are various kinds of animals and shows. There are daily elephant shows showing a historical wars with elephants, elephant soccer etc, crocodile wrestling shows and magic shows.

This garden is along the Nakhon Chaisi River and occupies an area of 137.5 Rais (about 55 acres). There is also an organic garden and an organic market and restaurant.  Suan Sampran website.


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