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Bicycle route from Bangkok to HHH

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Round Trip Distance: 40km
Biking Time: 2.5 hours
Elevation Gain: 0m

There are several attractions which you can stop at (described below) and easily fill up an entire day if you wish despite the biking time being only 3 hours. The route bypasses busy roads and stays on small country roads for the most part. It never strays far from the southern railway line and runs along the north side of Mahasawat canal for 15km. The route starts at the bottom of the Pinklao bridge (on the western Thonburi side) which is near the Bang Lam Pu area.

Royal Barges National Museum contains the ceremonial barges used by the king of Thailand. The largest is 50m long and requires a rowing crew of 50 men. To get here look for a smile just before marker number 2.

Taling Chan Floating Market operates on Saturdays and Sundays. The market is located on a canal. A large variety of food and souvenirs is available. Boat hire is also possible. To get here cross the railway tracks at the marker number 7.

Taling Chan Boardwalks is a large settlement located on swamp lands. All houses are connected by a maze of cement boardwalks. You can ride or walk on these boardwalks but make sure you leave a trail of breadcrumbs in order to find your way out again. To get here go to the Taling Chan train station at marker number 10, cross the railway tracks and dive into the maze.

Mahidol University is one of the 3 most prestigious Universities in Thailand. The Salaya campus is well known for the engineering department. The large grounds make a nice stop and the large student cafeteria makes for good people watching.Turn left at marker 25.

Putthamonthon Park is an enormous Buddhist Park with a very unique stone slab library. It's also a good spot for spotting giant water monitor lizards. Continue south from Mahidol University.

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A. 0.0km. Leave Pinklao bridge
B. 0.7km. Turn left onto Arun Amarin at clover leaf intersection
C. 1.3km. Take left side road. We will take the pedestrian access to the bridge.
D. 1.5km. Climb stairs to bridge. Cross bridge.
E. 1.7km. Go down the stairs and turn right (west) immediately.
F. 2.3km. T intersection. Turn right and then in a few meters left onto Wat Sutthawat Street
G. 2.9km. Cross Charan Sanitwong Street and continue straight
H. 5.2km. Cross bridge over canal. The Taling Chan floating market is on your right across the railway tracks.
I. 6.2km. Continue straight after passing under the elevated Borommaratchachonnani highway
J. 6.9km. Continue straight after passing under the elevated Ratchapruk Rd
K. 7.4km. Pass Taling Chan Railway Station on your right
L. 8.8km. Turn right on Suan Phak Rd and immediately cross railway tracks
M. 9.7km. Turn left onto Suan Phak 32
N. 9.9km. Cross bridge over canal
O. 10.0km. Turn left onto Atchariya Prasit
P. 11.7km. T intersection. Turn left
Q. 13.6km. Cross bridge over canal
R. 13.9km. Arrive at Kanchanapisek Ring Road. Turn left and use underpass U-turn to head north on the Ring Road. Make the first left onto Samret Patthana to continue west.
S. 16.3km. Turn left onto Phadung Sawat and continue on this road for the next 15.2km. The road runs along the Mahasawat canal. The canal will appear on your left at the 20.2km marker.
T. 31.5km. You will pass a single lane car bridge across the canal on your left. Do not cross this bridge. 40m later you will arrive at a T intersection. Turn right and follow this road for the next 6.9km.
U. 38.5km. T intersection. Turn right and immediately left towards a big bridge over the Ta Jin river. Cross this bridge. You should be able to follow Hidden Holiday House signs from here on.
V. 39.2km. T intersection. Turn right
W. 40.1km. Turn right onto unsealed road for 200m to Hidden Holiday House.
X. 40.3km. Arrive at Hidden Holiday House.

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